Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Trail Rides

YNP has over 1,200 miles of trails, 104 designated stock camping sites and 97 trailheads, which can accommodate any adventure you may be looking for. Cache Creek Outfitters prides itself on matching custom backcountry trips to guests' desires. Be it fly fishing for trophy cutthroat trout or photography of waterfalls and wildlife, we have the ability, equipment and expertise to get you there safely and have a fun adventure!

All overnight pack trips are custom affairs. We can accommodate up to 10 people max, but we often find that 6 to 8 people is a large enough group without losing some of the one-on-one guiding experience. Cache Creek Outfitters provides all the equipment necessary but guests are encourages to bring their own personal gear and sleeping bags.

Cache Creek abides by the Yellowstone National Park regulations that encourage low-impact, pack it in-pack it out, Leave No Trace camping ethics, while at the same time providing guests with excellent backcountry tents, thick comfortable sleeping pads and bags, and a commercial backcountry cook kitchen. Meals are delicious, hearty and filling, even for the growing male teenager. There is nothing we can’t make. If guests have special requests we are more than happy to accommodate.

Regions of Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park has four distinct and different regions for visitors to explore:

Northwest Quarter

This region offers excellent opportunities for viewing elk, moose, deer, grizzly bears, mountain goats and other wildlife. This region also features Sportsman’s Lake and Soldier’s Corral, which offer wonderful base camps for fishing and day trail riding expeditions. Small creeks abound with wild brook trout, which are fun for kids and adults alike.

Northeast Quarter

The next region is the world famous northeast quarter, which includes the Yellowstone River, Slough Creek and Lamar River just to name a few. These streams and rivers can satisfy the most savvy fly fisherman and also be very rewarding to the first time angler. If big fish are what you’re seeking, this is the region for you!

Southeast Quarter

This is the Thoroughfare and Snake River region. This is the most remote area in the lower 48 states. Many trips originate on the Snake River near the south entrance of Yellowstone Park. Wild Yellowstone cutthroat trout and Snake River trout grow to unbelievable size and numbers. We know a lot more about this secret area, but for more information you will have to give Charlie a call.

Southwest Quarter

This is considered the cascade corner of Yellowstone Park. This region is home to over eighty percent of Yellowstone’s waterfalls, not to mention some of the best natural hot potting in the world. Soaking in a natural hot tub is just one of many spectacular activities in this region. Photo safaris, spectacular scenery and of course great fly fishing for rainbow and rainbow cutthroat hybrids are the norm here in the southwest corner, also known as the Bechler River Region.

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